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The artsandresidence Casa do Conto (House of Tales) is a charming building in the emerging Cedofeita area in central Porto. It is the result of a restoration project to convert a 19th-century bourgeois home to host demanding and discerning guests in an atmosphere of striking cultural imagery. An innovative project which could only have been possible in the urban setting of a city.
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"Uma realidade paralela no centro de uma cidade lindíssima. O quarto foi para nós um retiro e o pessoal de uma simpatia tremenda. Agora é voltar até conhecer todos os quartos...!"
Miguel e Mayara
"Nous rentrons à peine d'un court séjour dans cet établissement. Surprise totale, un décalage exceptionnel depuis la rue, où l'on se retrouve plongé dans un univers parallèle. De l'accueil, aux services, tous les à côtés sont à la hauteur de cet hôtel qui mérite vraiment le détour! Laissez vous tenter par cette expérience architecturale, d'une sobriété qui n'enlève en rien à la qualité et la multitude de détail qui nous simplifie la lecture spatiale (menuiseries, appareillages, matières brutes, mécanismes,...) Bravo, à toute l'équipe, quelle réussite ! Damien et Aurélia"
"I had the honor to stay in Casa do Conto during my work trip in Porto. Just for one night, but I will come back soon! Casa do Conto was the most beautiful residence/hotel I ever slept..really! I was hard to go to sleep because I wanted to stay awake to enjoy the beauty of all this perfectness..so well balanced..everything was just perfect in a very personal and warm way. Very well done! And the people who work there were very kind. I will definitely come back and recommend this place to many others! Muito obrigado! Kind regards, "
Desiree Kleinen